Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to PaymentTrends

Welcome to PaymentTrends, a new blog by the Electronic Funds Transfer Association. The mission of PaymentTrends is to provide our readers with news insight and analysis on the latest developments in the world of electronic payments—and to provide an online community where our members can interact with us and with each other over the important issues involving payments.
We can’t promise that you’ll always agree with what you find here. In fact, we hope that you don’t. If we all agreed about everything posted here, there’d be no need for the blog. But we can promise that whether you agree or disagree with us  everything we post will be timely, informative, insightful and rational.
For more than 30 years EFTA has provided information to its members, the public and the media on issues that drive the electronic payments industry.  We bill ourselves as an “inter-industry” association, meaning that our members come from all segments of the electronic payments world. They represent banks, credit unions, transaction processors, ATM owners, ATM and POS networks, government agencies and other thought leaders. Our opinions and analysis are bases on our interaction with this diverse body. We believe that makes us a little less parochial and a little more open to a diversity of ideas.
We welcome your responses to our posts. To comment go to the bottom of the post and look for the comment link. You’ll get a pop up screen where you can tell us what you think.
Again, welcome. Thanks for clicking over. We look forward to meeting you her again many times.

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