Monday, June 18, 2012

May Legislative Roundup

There are a wide variety of legislative and regulatory initiatives in which EFTA is involved this spring. These include a movement to change the Electronic Funds Transfer Act to eliminate the requirement that usage fees be posted on the outside of an ATM. This is a vestigial requirement that has outlived its usefulness as modern ATM technology permits a much more detailed, convenient notice on the ATM screen itself as part of an ATM transaction.

Also on the EFTA legislative and regulatory calendar are regulations governing the restrictions on the use of TANF benefits at liquor stores, casinos and adult-oriented entertainment clubs, cybersecurity and overdraft protection.

In an informal interview Kurt Helwig, EFTA CEO, and Dennis Ambach, the organization's senior director for government relations, discuss prospects and strategies for these issues.

We pick up the interview with a discussion about pending legislation in the Senate and House (S. 3204 and H.R. 4367) that would eliminate the dual ATM notice requirement. Can the bills, now under consideration, become law?

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