Friday, June 22, 2012

House to Debate Bill Modernizing ATM Signage Requirements

On Wednesday, June 27, the House Financial Services Committee is scheduled to consider H.R. 4367 which seeks to eliminate Regulation E’s current dual fee notification requirement. If this bill becomes law this year, consumers will not be impacted. Any individual wishing to draw cash at an ATM or inquire on his or her balance will receive the required fee notice on the screen. And, he or she must affirmatively acknowledge the fee before the transaction can be executed.

Prospects for the committee approving H.R. 4367 on Wednesday are strong. The House bill currently has 120 cosponsors including more than half the Financial Services Committee. The Senate companion bill (S. 3204) has 16 cosponsors. The House and Senate bills are enjoying strong, bipartisan support. If the Committee approves H.R. 4367 on Wednesday, it moves to the full House for consideration (mostly likely in July).

In recent years, ATM owners and operators have been beset by a spate of lawsuits from plaintiff attorneys alleging Reg E violations. In many of these cases, unscrupulous individuals are physically removing (vandalizing if you will) the ATM stickers and forwarding photos to these attorneys. Many ATM operators  deploy small fleets of ATMs and face the option of costly litigation or settlement (not a good option either way for small business in America).

Please come back next week for a status on the Committee’s consideration of H.R. 4367 is its next steps along the legislative process.

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