Monday, August 6, 2012

GAO Weighs in on Congressional Effort to Block Use of Welfare in "Sin" Locations

As followers of PaymentTrends and its sister blog, The Wall, on the website of the eGovernment Payments Council know, EFTA and eGPC have been very active in working with states, transaction processors, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Government Accountability Office on the issue of restricting access and use of TANF, commonly called welfare, payments at businesses inconsistent with the mission of the TANF program.

In its Middle Class Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act earlier this year, Congress restricted the use of TANF payments, prohibiting their access or use in liquor stores, casinos or adult-entertainment establishments. The GAO launched a study back in December 2011 of the issue. Recently the Office released the results of its study. You can find those results and corresponding analysis over on our sister blog, The Wall, part of the eGPC's website

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